Mitchell Chan’s Installation Will Take You To Cloud 9

Art installations aren’t generally pieces you can pack up and set up in your home, but it’s likely that we’ve all come across one we’d like to do just that with.

Enter Mitchell F. Chan’s Something Something National Conversation (In 2 Characters Or Less), seen above. Watching clouds can provide a calming effect, and you’ve probably done it as a kid. So, naturally, the same soothing and peaceful feelings are evoked when observing Chan’s piece, which uses over 3,000 liters of water vapor per hour to conjure up these seemingly magical cloud-on-cloud collusions.

I know for a fact I’d keep this in the Captain’s Quarters to help an old pirate sleep after a rough night on the seas. Would also do well in a yoga room or something of the sort! Unfortunately, the fact that it uses so much water vapor, coupled with the size of the cloud-makers, means that the majority of us wouldn’t be able to have one in the house… unless we can persuade Chan to shrink it down.

That said, you can check out the installation through January 7, 2017, if you happen to be in Toronto. His Art & Inactivism exhibit at the Angell Gallery is going to be followed up by some other solid ones from Toronto-based artist Erin Loree, and Gavin Lynch among others.


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