Now You Can Smell The Death Of A Famous Person!

As you may have guessed, I love death… like, a lot. Pretty macabre, I know, but don’t be alarmed! I just like the idea of turning into Skeletor and chasing after He-Man for all eternity… in Eternia.

Anyway, some crazy scientists have come up with a way for you to join in on the fun of a celebrity’s passing. Unfortunately, it won’t involve them leaving all their money to you or stealing their identity… but you can know what their last smell was like!

Golly, where’s a cyclone when you need one!

If I caught your interest, then the Famous Deaths project, created by Marcel van Brakel at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, is for you. Participants go in a machine and experience what various selected celebrities went through when they joined the Danse Macabre. If you wanted to die just like Whitney Houston, Muammar Gaddafi, John F. Kennedy, or Princess Diana, then this is the place for you!

Alright, so yo don’t OD on drugs, get stabbed in the ass, shot in the head or experience a car crash… but you’ll smell like you did.

All the fun of dying… except you have to return to your worthless lives afterwards. But who knows? Maybe it’ll give you a heart attack!

You kick things off by locking yourself in a morgue cabinet, which would probably make anyone uncomfortable even if they weren’t claustrophobic. Then “a specially made ‘smell printer’ pumps 9 different smells for each story.” Van Brakel and his team of lunatics recreated everything through their own little smell-o-scope, so you can smell everything “from the dinner Whitney Houston had the night she died to the used pipe near her bathtub.

“Some people thought their hair was on fire when we exposed them to the smell of meth,” said van Brakel. That’s referring to the Whitney Houston attraction, in case you weren’t sure. This clearly is not for the faint of heart, which is admittedly a given when dealing with death.

Anyway, if any of you East Coasters feel left out, do not worry! An exhibit is said to be in the works that will come to New York. It’s coming…just like death!

I wish I was dead…I wish I was dead…I wish I was dead…why isn’t this working…this is why you stick to silver shoes, people!

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