Terror Return with Rage: The Walls Will Fall EP Review

If you’re a fan of hardcore then today is your lucky day.

In case you couldn’t notice from Terror‘s new EP, The Walls Will Fall, they’re pretty pissed at the world. That said, the EP is a blistering blast of hardcore and energy complete with songs that could make a pacifist mongo stomp their way across a pit or put their fist through some seemingly innocent drywall.

Terror’s fifth EP and first release on CA’s Pure Noise Records shows that the group hasn’t lost a step over their 15-year career. In fact, this EP manages to bring the hardcore legends back to their roots, with a 2017 polish, of course; the EP is no nonsense. Terror is pissed about the state of things and don’t give a shit. They are standing up for themselves and taking back what’s theirs by creating chaos with choruses that will echo through whatever venue the band finds themselves destroying.

The vocals are something to be appreciated. While keeping it simple, Vogel still has a certain grit and tenacity that hasn’t gone away with age. The man should be leading an army the way that he incites listeners to get out and mosh. The crushing live performance of the band is clearly translated through this release.

Hardcore is a competitive and malleable scene, but Terror have been well-perseveredin the amethyst that is their sonic profile. Terror continues to remind us that you cannot go wrong by sticking to your roots. As someone who has been listening to hardcore and punk for the better part of my life, the album touched upon every facet that got me hooked on the genre; breakdowns, fast riffs, angry vocals, ferocious chants. If you were falling off the wagon as a hardcore kid then let The Walls Will Fall be your renaissance.

This familiarity is the only area where the EP seems to falter, though. Terror visits the comfortable in many ways with this release. At times, the nostalgia these sounds evoke are actually a detriment to the album. If you’ve heard one Terror release then you definitely know what to expect with this one. That isn’t completely a bad thing, however,  as the band has refined their sound over the years.

All and all, this record is absolutely worth a listen. It adds a cavalcade of different tunes to be excited for when seeing the band live. Some standouts include “Kill ‘Em Off” and “Step to You.” These two songs definitely leave listeners lacing up their shoes and getting ready to jump into a pit. Ultimately, The Walls Will Fall is a solid offering and Terror continues to shine through as one of the staple bands in the hardcore genre.