Tempescope: The Coolest Way To Check The Weather

When it comes to checking the weather there are a few ways to do it. You can use an app on your phone, turn on the weather channel, check online or just look our the window. The latter is an undervalued method, but that’s the world we live in. Anyway, something awesome called Tempescope is in development and is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The website describes it as such:

“The tempescope is an ambient physical display that visualizes various weather conditions like rain, clouds, and lightning. By receiving weather forecasts from the internet, it can reproduce tomorrow’s sky in your living room.”

It’s safe to say that this device would be the coolest way to check the weather. There are roughly 16 days left for you to help fund this baby and they’re about $100,000 short of their goal. If they do get off the ground you’d be able to hand your hands on one by April of 2016. The basic design would ruin you $199 while the premium, which can be engraved, costs $249. The Tempescope gets the weather by connecting to the internet via your smartphone, and once you set up the app you’ll wireless transmit the weather to the device when you’re near it.





You can even set the app so that the Tempescope shows you the weather from anywhere around the globe or you can switch it to manual mode if you’re keen on seeing a certain display. It cant make snow or do thunderbolts just yet, but the developers are working on ways to make that happen in the future. This project needs to reach its goal in order for any production to happen, so tell your friends and donate to the cause!

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