Sharif Inspires With “Tangled Dreams And Empty Bottles”

World traveling singer-songwriter Sharif lures you into a whimsical fantasy with his latest album Tangled Dreams and Empty Bottles. Sharif’s acoustics combine with his beautiful voice to create a dreamy dose of folk and experimental rock. His ability to unmask and reflect upon his emotions in his lyrics allows for listeners to get an undistorted glimpse of his artistry.

Love, lust, heartbreak and desire are all central themes that arise throughout this sentimental album. What’s more, the album’s title fits perfectly with the songs and their intimate expressions. Lyrics from “When She’s Drunk”detail the story of a man pursuing a woman with passion, only to notice how she only kisses him when she’s drunk. To take the pain away, he leans towards the bottle, consciously washing the emotions away. It’s deep and hits hard, but that’s the point.

In the album’s closing track, “When He’s Drunk,” Sharif offers a second rendition of “When She’s Drunk,” which I find quite quite clever and absolutely wonderful. “When He’s Drunk” has the same exact lyrics as the first song, but changes the perspective from that of a man to that of a woman. This idea of unrequited love is identifiable to anyone, and its definitely a track done right with Sharif’s 2-sided storytelling.

Sharif pours his heart out in every song, something that only an true artist can do with such class, and his contemporary acoustic tracks will bring something new to your playlists.

This is an album I could possibly hear in my favorite coffee shop, or listen to on a quiet ride home on the train — it has a very feel-good vibe despite the emotional content. If you dig artists like The Goo Goo Dolls, Matthew Sweet, and Crowded House then you will definitely enjoy this album. Any folk/rock lover should give Sharif a listen, as he is not one to disappoint!