Surprise Tornado Strikes New Jersey

Yesterday, the state of New Jersey was attacked by a tornado. Yes, the state is close enough to the coast to have hurricanes, yet the state can also have the more traditional cyclones.

It would have been too much for us to ask the fates to have just taken advantage of the situation and ended our misery right then and there, but we can’t have nice things… this is New Jersey, after all. And yes, it was only a while ago, little over a month, in fact, that we reported on a similar snow-storm that attacked the state.

This animation of a snow-twister sure turned out to be pragmatic.

A tornado watch had been in effect since Thursday at 2 am, an extension from 11 pm the night before. Many were left without power during the night and are still waiting to have their lights come back on. There has also been property damage, and below you can see a house in Oakhurst that was damaged by a falling tree. Similar incidents were also said to have occurred in Vineland and Neptune.

While the heaviest rain fell across the western half of New Jersey, the gusty winds did not discriminate,” said meteorologist Dan Zarrow “According to the NJ Weather and Climate Network, 50+ mph winds were reported across all corners of the Garden State. Numerous downed trees and power lines were reported across the state.

The following source details the severity of the power outage:

Over 11,000 JCP&L, PS&G and Atlantic City Electric customers are all without power as of 6.a.m. according to their respective outage maps. Crews got out as soon as conditions were safe to make repairs and have been making progress with restoration; over 21,000 were out at 4 a.m. All the utilities urge customers to report any outages…JCP&L reports 5,106 customers without power mostly in Monmouth, Hunterdon, Morris and Ocean counties. PSE&G reports 4,637 customers without power in Camden and Middlesex counties with the bulk of the outages in Cherry Hill and New Brunswick, [and] Atlantic City Electric reports 2,167 customers without power mostly in Atlantic County.”

While the winds are believed to have died down for now, a flood warning is currently in effect for various counties in the state, and several roads throughout the state appear to be flooded. Flight delays are also said to be in effect. It’s like that state won’t let you escape. New Jersey’s like that. Just like hell.

One could argue that it is rather unprofessional that I am gradually making it all the more clear of my growing resentment of my adoptive home…wait, what the hell am I looking at here?

Despite the fact that the state endured a freaking cyclone, there are currently no reported school closings, except for a day-care center in Fairfield, although schools in Ocean County will have a two-hour delay.

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