Super American’s Freshman EP ‘Disposable’ is Anything But

Buffalo, NY’s own Super American have released their freshman EP Disposable, springing onto the scene by combining classic pop catchiness with enough punk flair to crash a house party near you.

Super American’s first EP release harkens back to late ’90s and early 2000s pop-punk jams, leaving listeners feeling like they’re extras on set partying in classic teen romps like “American Pie,” “Wet Hot American Summer” or “Eurotrip.” The Buffalo duo have developed a toe-tapping pop sound, channeling introspective lyrics through bright melodies to leave listeners thinking “wait a second, what did I just bop my head along to?”

Also pineapple roller skates are a thing

Super American’s fantastic guitar tone brilliantly fights through the mix of sounds. It’s almost unbelievable how warm and upbeat the record is. What’s more, the timing of the EP’s release couldn’t be better, as it’s chock full of tunes ready to help people transition from winter to the warm winds of spring and summer. I can already picture myself laying by the pool, book in hand, blasting this release. Many a #RoadTrip2017 playlists will be littered with songs from Disposable.

Listeners shouldn’t take the light pop-punk riffs and tone at face value. SA’s lyrics dive deep into break ups, dealing with baggage, and learning to just accept the way things go. “Feeling Better” shines lyrically, championed by a masterfully catchy chorus that explores the struggle of someone in their mid-twenties battling depression and the alienation that comes with it. The song struck a chord, allowing me to connect with the artist in an introspective way.

A loss of momentum in the tail end of the EP might be Disposable’s biggest shortcoming. The last three tracks don’t hold the same charm, pop, and catchiness of the first four. Nonetheless, Super American showcase their strength, knowledge, and craftsmanship with their first major release.

Disposable resolves as a pleasant release that left me feeling fairly refreshed. Super American adds their take on the pop-punk genre while revisiting the roots of the sound, bringing back the ’90s/2000s radio jam feel. I highly recommend this record and urge you to follow Super American on their website, Facebook, and various social media channels.

Stream the record below!