These States Will Raise Their Minimum Wage In 2015

Twenty states are set to increase their minimum wage with the start of the new year. Nine of these states will see minimum wage increased as an automatic adjustment to keep pace with inflation while the other 11 states and the District of Columbia will have wages rise thanks to legislative action. Delaware and Minnesota will have wages hiked later in the year while New York will increase wages on December 31st. This means that 29 states will have minimum wages above the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour.

Increases in wages range from 12 cents in Florida to to a whopping $1.25 in North Dakota. Washington state will now have the highest minimum wage at $9.47. Nearly 2.5 million workers will have their wages increased and roughly 900,000 employers will be indirectly affected, as they’ll have to adjust their pay scales.


Via The Washington Post

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