Star Wars VII Stormtroopers Get An Overhaul

There’s been a lot of hype and discussion surrounding Star Wars VII and for good reason. We’re not quite sure where the story will go and, more importantly, if it will be any good. Please don’t funk this up, Disney. Anyhow there’s been a new development in the Star Wars VII saga and it has to do with our beloved stormtroopers. It looks like they’ll be getting a big makeover.

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I’m not quit sure if this is being done to make the stormtroopers more intimidating, but if they do wind up being all chrome-like that’d be pretty interesting. The helmet is clearly different and more streamlined, but I can’t help but think it reminds me of something…

 So the real question is…What do YOU think about the new designs? And now enjoy some dancing stormtroopers


Story and Pictures Via Cinema Blend

Featured Image CNET

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