Spring Into The New Season By Trying These Things

Spring is officially here thanks to the coming of the vernal equinox. While El Niño caused a mild winter across a large part of the United States, you can now officially shed the winter coat from your wardrobe and embrace the new season.

So, here are some fun endeavors to brighten up your Spring 2016, not to be confused with Drake’s Summer 16.


Plant a berry garden

Everybody envies the beautiful flower beds and vegetable gardens of their neighbors if they have yet to tend their own weeds. It doesn’t take a green thumb to grow your own berry garden, though! Berry bushes can be planted in pots, which are very easy to maintain and will dress up your own weathered front lawn or porch.

And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about weeds! Try growing old favorites like strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, or newcomers such as pink blueberries and yellow raspberries — available for purchase at a greenhouse near you! These sweet treats will grow and be yours for the picking unless those crows get at them first.

generictouristnshBe a tourist in your own city

Staycations are easy ways to get escape your daily routine on a budget. Head to the closest metropolis and you can explore local museums, zoos, aquariums, and historical landmarks on a dime. Research the best spots for food and break away from your regular grub station and hangouts. Support local, small businesses on this day and collect souvenirs unique to your hometown. Get to know your city better, and make a documentary of your discoveries to share with friends.

Try Geocaching

Another way to explore your surroundings is to take a scavenger hunt already made just for you! Channel your inner pirate in an outdoor quest for secret treasures left behind by other geocachers.

How it works: Use your GPS to navigate to a specific set of coordinates and look for the geocache hidden at that location. Then leave your name on the list of people who have successfully tracked down the treasure!


Make your own kite to flyimages

Indulge in nostalgia by building your own kite to fly in the crisp spring breeze. Gather some friends and follow this WikiHow to craft kites of any color or design. Then host a kite flying tournament where you can see who is the master at kite building, and which kite can take down everyone else’s in a battle royal.

Become a sidewalk artiste

Pick up a box of chalk at the store and find strip of pavement to make your own sidewalk art. Whether you focus on making 3D chalk murals or just doodle is up to you. Then have some blacktop fun by making a foursquare court or playing hopscotch!


Don’t let your spring allergies get the best of you. Go outside and enjoy the season of life!