Spaceship Or Forest Fighting SkyScraper?

According to Smokey Bear only we can prevent forest fires, but a group of Chinese designers have come up with a little something to take the pressure off of us. Jie Huang, Jin Wei, Giaowan Tang, Yiwei Yu, and Zhe Ha have designed what they call The Rainforest Guardian and it’s damn impressive. The spaceship-esque skyscraper is designed to collect and distribute rainwater during the dry and wet seasons.


Source The Verge

It might look like a giant golf tee, but it’s actually quite ingenious. It collects water by catching rainfall and by sucking up excess water that culminates on the ground during the wet season. The collected water is filtered and stored in the structure until it’s needed and the stored water is used to keep the ground hydrated, which would aid in the prevention of fires. If one does start then The Rainforest Guardian will release “firefighters” that are essentially drones with water tanks and spray guns.

Though it’s only a concept at this point The Rainforest Guardian does seem like a very promising solution to a deadly problem that is estimated by NASA to have claimed around 33,000 square miles of land in 10 years. If this does come to fruition the designers would allocate space atop the tower house a main water reservoir, a research area, a tourism and education center and a climate observatory. Sounds pretty great!

Story Source The Verge

Featured Image Source Inhabitat

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