South Park Extends Comedy Central Run Through 2019

It’s controversial, it’s funny, it’s getting three more years.

Viacom’s Comedy Central has renewed South Park through 2019 and we couldn’t be happier. The long-running series will top the 300 episode mark nearly two decades after it first shocked the world with its boldness. The show’s 19th season will kick off September 16th and Parker and Stone’s South Park Digital Studios, a joint venture with Viacom, has plans to carry the additional seasons on Hulu.

It’s easy to underestimate just how influential South Park has been on television and the world.

In fact, Doug Herzog, president of Viacom Music & Entertainment Group, spoke to the importance of the show.

“Nearly two decades later, ‘South Park’ today remains as important and influential as any series on any platform and has become one of the most recognizable brands to ever come out of television,” said Herzog in a statement.

“Through South Park Digital Studios we will continue to aggressively expand the reach of the ‘South Park’ brand by pursuing additional extensions and licensing opportunities worldwide.”


It’s Comedy Central’s flexibility that has kept Parker and Stone in the frame for so long. The duo still write and direct every episode of the series and Comedy Central are right to let them do so, especially considering they’ve only delivered one late episode in all their years!

“We love working for Doug and with everyone at Comedy Central.” Said Parker and Stone. “They’ve given us an insane level of artistic and creative freedom for almost 20 years. They walk the walk,”


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