South African Puppets Weigh In On American Politics

At this point, it seems like everything that has to be said about the current state of U.S. affairs has been said, but the media has forgotten one special group that has yet to weight in: the South African puppets of Puppet Nation.

Inspired by the classic British puppet series, Splitting Image, the South African series Puppet Nation, or ZANEWS-TV, has been around since 2008 and has recently branched out to an Americaneque spin-off of sorts called Puppet Nation USA. The site utilizes clips made for the original show in Cape Town that focus on U.S. politics from a South African perspective. As explained in a released statement  “Here we take a look at clips from our South African show which focus on USA and international news, from a South African perspective. This is a demo site for our unique characters and comedy format which is soon to be customized for new audiences in the United States and the United Kingdom, through new local market production partnerships and licensing agreements.”

There’s no Margaret Thatcher or “Chicken Song,” like in its British counterpart, but Lord knows we’ve given them enough material to work with.

Puppets parodying Donald Trump, the Clintons, the Obamas, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, and even Sarah Palin all appear in the show. Uncanny vocal impressions and aspects of pop-culture like Game of Thrones and BuzzFeed all get parodied within the series. The “USA” branch of the website even has a quick-list of “Trump Archives” to focus exclusively on the current leader of the United States.

And before anyone takes offense, remember what Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu said about the show:

The creators of ZANEWS are very clever, though they exaggerate the size of my nose! They are clever because they can make us laugh and cry at the same time. They tell the most wonderful and painful truths – hilariously. They are like an antibiotic for those who take themselves too seriously.”

Besides, it is always fruitful to see what other countries think of us… I never knew President Trump was so fond of saying “really.”

[Puppet Nation USA]

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