Song of the Day: Into The Sky – Bryan Deister

Musicians that craft music using widespread influences quickly catch my attention these days.

It’s one thing to enjoy the sonic offerings of artists in genres far removed from each other, but there’s really something special about someone with the ability to pull from opposite worlds and create synergy; ’tis a beautiful thing.

Introducing our song of the day, Into The Sky, composed and performed by Bryan Deister. The tune is a complex collision of classical music concepts with haunting harmonies and dark grunge-esque lyrics. Bryan, currently hard at work pursuing a degree through Berklee College of Music in writing and composition, enjoys the depth of dark, well written music and packs meaning into his pieces by channeling compositional techniques of 20th century greats John Cage and John Lennon.


Into The Sky is laden with Beatles-esque harmonies, which add an incredibly eerie feel to the self described “brooding rock” song. The drum track hurrying along underneath expressive keyboard chords and melody give the listener a rushed, yet excited state of listening. I felt as if I were listening on edge, from start to finish, and that impressed me.

Stream the stellar song Into The Sky, below! Be sure to check out Bryan Deister on Soundcloud to hear his latest double LP, Spines of the Heart, and follow the talented young composer on Facebook to keep up with his latest and greatest works.