Son Forced To Smash Xbox For Failing Grades

This might just be the most interesting bit of parenting to go viral in 2015. When you’re a kid and you do poorly in school there are, for the most part, some sort of consequences you have to face at home. Whether your parents are attentive to that sort of thing changes from household to household and help with homework etc does as well, but, again, failing is not normally received well. Case in point, this lad in the video above was forced by his father to smash his multiple Xbox consoles as punishment for failing in school. Having multiple consoles, let alone one, is not something that most kids can boast about, so to be quite honest I have no sympathy for this kid. Whether or not this was the right move by his father, who probably spent his own money to buy his kid the systems is up for debate, but it makes for some good internet video!

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