Someone Hacked Martin Shkreli’s Twitter And It’s Amazing

We’ve repeatedly thrown shade at the most hated man in America, as every other person in the United States has. The past week has likely been the worst of his life and it’s extremely comical for all of us on the outside looking in. Just when Martin thought it couldn’t get any worse, it has.

Someone hacked his Twitter account and has been posting on it. Not sure how long until he’ll regain control of it — he may have already — but the Tweets posted thus far are amazing. What’s more, whoever hacked him starts off with a Jamie Vardy quote!!

Shoutout to whoever is responsible for this. Well played! And here’s a picture of all the tweets — just in case he decides to delete them. We’ll always have this little memory of the time he got hacked. Which one of yours is your favorite? Make sure to hop on this while you can and spread the word before it’s gone!


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