Why Does Alec Baldwin Want To Save The Turkeys?

Halloween is officially a week away and in true American fashion, I am going to cover a story about Thanksgiving mainly to say nothing about the big Christmas extravaganza I’m planning on October 31.

American actor Alec Baldwin, known for his roles in 30 Rock and Beetlejuice, has made it his mission to save the turkeys. Whether this has anything to do with being a descendant of John Howland, a real life pilgrim, and some sins of the father agenda, has yet to be seen.

In American culture, turkey meat is traditionally served on Thanksgiving and it’s so tied to the holiday that people tend to call it “Turkey Day.” The pilgrims actually had venison and lobster, but the use of turkey was early enough that it might be why Benjamin Franklin advocated for them to be the national bird. American Christmas and Easter usually have turkey dinners, too, because goose and ham are for peasants, but you just can’t beat the alliteration of the Thanksgiving turkey.

Back to Baldwin and enough with the history lesson.

Like most people, I don’t like thinking about things that make me feel bad. But I also don’t like animal suffering, so I feel the need to speak out about it,” Mr. Baldwin said in a released statement. “Turkeys are just as friendly, smart, and full of feeling as my dogs.”

The statement comes from the actor’s involvement with the Adopt a Turkey Project, which now said to be in its thirtieth year of operation. The project asks people to donate $30 in order to save the life of a turkey, as it were. Donations will fund a lucky turkey getting to spend its natural life in a farm in New York and California. You’d think they’d prefer the Garden State, but these are turkeys we’re talking about. They don’t ask for much.


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