Singapore Cafe Will Give You The Prison Experience

Do you want to experience all the fun of prison, but don’t have the moxie to do anything worth more than a simple monetary fine? Well, has Singapore got a treat in store for you!

Sure, Marge Simpson had fun in prison, but life’s not exactly a cartoon.

In an attempt to cash in on the newest season of Orange is the New Black, patrons can get free Litchfield-style cuisine at the OverEasy  Singapore restaurant. The two-day event is a bizarre one at that, as the beverage of the day is said to be water and your food selections are corn, greul, Nutraloaf, and gravy. Patrons are also advised to look under their trays just in case they want a surprise, although they must be weary of the armed guards.

Also, there will be armed guards.

Sure, Marge Simpson had fun in prison…woah, deja vu!

The chef preparing for the event, Bjorn Shen assures that, as you are not really going to prison, you have nothing to fear over the Nutraloaf, a substance normally so vile that it is sometimes regarded as a form of torture, saying that her special blend is prepared using “mushrooms, cheddar, quinoa, pumpkin and nori.”

For those interested, and living in Singapore, there is a reservation page. We at Viral Pirate, however, feel that it’s important to remind you that real prison isn’t actually very nice compared to what you see on television, partially due to how much the censors will let you show on television. So while these simulations are meant in good fun, it is seldom a good idea to actually get yourself arrested.

Sure, you’ll get to sleep in a real bed and have people to have conversations with… on second thought, I think I am going to rob a liquor store… oh, who am I kidding? With my luck, I’d probably just get community service. What evil mastermind thought that free room and board is a fate worse than having to work without pay?


Piper Kerman, the author who wrote the book that inspired the show, however, found the promotion to be disgusting. “This is repulsive,” she said in a released statement…you thought I was joking?

Remember, Kerman experienced prison-life firsthand, OitNB is loosely the story of her life after all (sort of), and she is an advocate for prison reform. Life is not as fun and easy as it is in a cartoon, although I must admit, if my loved ones got arrested I’d get my cocktail dress and crowbar ready.


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