Shia LaBeouf Arrested, Released During Live-Stream Of His Protest

Controversial actor and artist Shia LaBeouf has been arrested in New York for a live-streaming incident, and like all news stories these days, the whole shebang centered around a Donald Trump protest that LaBeouf calls an “anti-division” protest.

Because not only does everything new involve Trump, everything before now retroactively involves Trump.

Now, before anyone gets sensational, it is perfectly legal to voice your opinions during a live-stream, and the live-stream  itself was not why LaBeouf got in trouble with the law. In fact, this isn’t the first time that the actor hosted a political protest live-stream, as he made headlines hosting a similar online protest with Jaden Smith on Inauguration Day. This current protest was his follow-up to the “He Will Not Divide Us” series. It was the actor’s tendency towards “violence” that really irked the police.

Not that it is anything new that Shia likes to get active.

He pulled another man’s scarf, causing a scratch to that man’s face,” an NYPD spokesman said in a released statement to People. “Also pushed that man … causing him to fall to the ground.” The man reportedly jumped in on the live-stream and said “Hitler did nothing wrong,” so he wasn’t exactly undeserving of a beat-down, but LaBeouf is currently charged with misdemeanor assault and a harassment violation. Remember, kids, being a Nazi, white-supremacist or hate-mongering bigot is not acceptable and Shia will find you… especially since he’s been released.

The installation itself, being held in Astoria, Queens, at the Museum of the Moving Image, is “Open to all, 24 hours seven days a week, the participatory performance will be live-streamed continuously for four years, or the duration of the presidency…In this way, the mantra ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ acts as a show of resistance or insistence, opposition or optimism, guided by the spirit of each individual participant and the community.

While we at Viral Pirate don’t condone violence, we certainly do find it perfectly acceptable to punch Nazis in the face. Captain America did it and plenty of other American heroes did as well, so don’t let them keep you down.

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