Seth MacFarlane’s “The Orville” Is Exactly the Kind of Space Comedy We Need

Let’s be honest, the later seasons of Family Guy, and the entirety of the Cleveland Show have been pretty poor. But that’s, in part, due to the fact that Seth MacFarlane has been so good over the years that our standards for his content have been pretty damn high.

Well, any fear that MacFarlane lost his edge seem to have been quelled by the trailer for “The Orville,” seen above.

It’s a Star Trek parody, that’s obvious, but it’s less in the vein of family guy and more Mel Brooks’ Space Balls. If you watched the trailer then you know what I mean. In the show, MacFarlane plays Captain Ed, a starfleet graduate who gets selected to captain a ship… but only because there was no one else they could get to do the job. His ex-wife, played by Kelly Grayson, is shortly named co-captain of the ship and then intergalactic shenanigans ensue.

But this is not so much a spoof of Star Trek as it is a humorous tribute. All of the things that made Star Trek great are hinted at in the trailer,  but not openly mocked. As someone with a heavy Trek upbringing I have to say its refreshing to see this kind of comedy and this sort of dedication to Trekkies and the stories they’ve loved over the years.

Iron Man’s Jon Favreau will serve executive producer on the series and is directing the pilot. As of now there’s no scheduled release date for the series, but I’m excited nonetheless.

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