Sepp Blatter To Resign As President Of FIFA

The biggest James Bond villain in sports, Sepp Blatter, has announced that he will be resigning as President of FIFA after just being re-elected for a fifth term. His 17-year reign comes to an end amidst a massive corruption scandal that’s sent the world of football into an uproar. Blatter has called for FIFA’s congress to elect a new president immediately, but it should be noted that the next FIFA congress won’t be held until May 13 2016. Unless this congress is held now then good ‘ol Sepp will be floating about until a suitable replacement is found.

Blatter’s hand was likely forced after news broke that his second in command, Jerome Valcke, was responsible for a $10 million payment of bribes for South Africa to host the 2010 World Cup. You can find some absolutely fantastic quotes from Blatter about the web, but the important part here is that the most corrupt official in world sports is stepping down from his throne. The investigation has finally gotten close enough to Blatter that he’s had enough and is sorting out his plans for the future. Whether or not he’ll actually be charged with anything is unclear, but the pressure is mounting and someone new, who hopefully isn’t nearly as corrupt, will be at the helm. The key word here being hopefully seeing as how it’s very likely that Blatter’s influence has deep roots in the organization.


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