Stan Olshefski Goes Alternative With Release Of “Seneko”

Here comes Seneko with a rockin’ debut! Singer/songwriter Stan Olshefski has been writing and successfully pitching country tunes for six solid years and, interestingly enough, one might not believe that he mainly specializes in the Indie-pop genre due to his vast experience in the country field. What’s more, you might not know that the 56-year-old New Canaan resident just released his first EP last year.

In deciding to break out in his own, Stan went on to write and record an EP showing the music world another side of him, mostly out of the passion and enjoyment he gets from writing. This project is different from his others — mainly from a genre perspective — in that we hear more indie-infused British invasion techniques versus the simple hooks and the emphasis of driven melodies within the writing of Country tunes.

“I’ve been writing songs for about 10 years as a hobby and now with social media as a way to spread the word, I thought it would be cool to make a record,” he said.

The self-titled EP Seneko introduces Stan’s alternative rock version of songwriting, which breaks away from his comfort zone of traditional country/pop.

With five songs on the EP, Stan is able to creatively delve into an upbeat indie feel. It’s simple, but heartfelt when it comes to his light lyrical style heard in songs like “Monica Lately” and “Circle round.” The track “Down On Delevan” has that country twang to it with his raspy vocals enhancing the piece.

The most popular song off the EP, with the most spins on Spotify, is “Blindsider.” This great single has a strong, guitar-laden intro, something that will entice the listener to want to hear more. There is some great imagination behind the lyrics of “Blindsider.” A story is told throughout about being blindsided by a beautiful woman, which is a topic I’m sure many have experienced before. This resonates with his audience, as it is incredibly relatable while also being storytelling driven.

Seriously, you can just imagine driving on an open road with the top down jamming to this tune.

As his debut EP, it is a nice carefree listen that would catch the attention of listeners who are into alternative rock and feel-good melodies. If you are interested in artists such as Traveling Wilburys, Jayhawks, and Tweedy, this EP is one for you.

A follow-up EP is supposed to be released sometime this spring, so keep an eye out for new music by Stan Olshefski if you enjoyed the vibes laid down in “Blindsider.”