Send Inconspicuous Snaps Like A Pro With Snapchat Spectacles

Back in September, Snapchat announced the upcoming release of a new product called “Spectacles,” which they describe as a “totally new type of camera” that allows you to snap without  having to whip our your phone.

In truth, it’s a pretty genius idea that allows people to be kind of  like James Bond while being nowhere near as cool as James Bond. Recording video with your glasses is a pretty spy thing to do, after all… just don’t use the dad puppy filter.


Adding to my snap story like

According to Snapchat, the glasses contain one of the smallest wireless video cameras in the world and are “capable of taking a day’s worth of Snaps on a single charge.” They connect directly to Bluetooth of Wi-Fi and cost a hefty $129. Apparently, the limited run of glasses are so in-demand that some are selling for upwards of $5,000 on eBay. Interestingly enough, Snapchat decided to sell the glasses via pop-up vending machines like the one seen in the tweet below.

The question you really have to ask yourself is: are these things worth it? Do you love Snapchat so much that you’ll spend upwards of 130 bones to snap more conveniently? The answer may be a stark “no” for most of you, but these things have already sold out in some locations and more are still popping up. You can check on their website to see where and when the next vending machines will be online.

All in all it has to be said that this is a pretty ingenious marketing campaign. It’s creating demand, tapping into the millennial lust for sharing every little thing they do, and it’s drawing a lot of attention towards the company that’s set to go public next year.

Well played, Snapchat.

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