Sega’s “Rent A Hero” Is Being Made Into A Movie

No, Blockbuster isn’t making a triumphant return… but Rent A Hero is. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if that name doesn’t ring a bell. In fact, we’re willing to bet that a solid amount of you clicked on this article just to find out what the hell Rent A Hero is.

The game originally came out on Sega’s Japanese Mega Drive back in 1991. The Yu Suzuki-produced game stars Taro Yamada, who is delivered super-powered combat armor by mistake when ordering pizza. He then figures it’ll be  good idea to become a hero for hire, so he goes about the town of Corja doing odd jobs. A remake was released for Dreamcast and Xbox, but only in Japan, and it made its way to the Wii Virtual Console in 2007.

Can he even see out of that?

Can he even see out of that?

The movie will be co-written by Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink and Jeff Morris.

Stories International described the movie in a very particular manner, which might help to explain why this very obscure game is being adapted into a film:

“RENT A HERO tells the story of a reluctant slacker genius who joins a high-tech startup pitched as an “Uber for heroes,” aimed to improve people’s daily lives at an affordable price. But when company insiders plan to weaponize the tech, the slacker and his fellow Rent A Heroes must band together to stop them.”

Rent A Hero joins the likes of Shinobi, Crazy Taxi and Virtua Fighter, which are also in the pipeline for feature films or television shows and digital series. Will this random video game movie be a success? Could be! Hell, no one really knows about it so there won’t be may people to upset if they don’t stay too faithful to the game.


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