Seattle’s Gumshen Groove on “Fallacy”

Seattle-based Gumshen impress with their latest music video single, “Fallacy.”

The three-piece hailing from the Pacific North West combine electronic beats, synths, and rock to energize and connect with their fans. The band owns and operates their own studio, DigiPhobe, and recorded all of the sounds there, along with the remainder of an album that’s yet to be released.

“Fallacy” explores the lies we tell ourselves and dives into the disappointment of squandered opportunity and unachieved goals. The entire track was composed by vocalist Ron Hippe, and taps into feelings of regret in his somber and reflective state.

The music video was shot at the Market Theater in historic Pike Place Market. Though the video features Gumshen drummer Dennis, the recorded track features the respected Seattle percussionist Greg Gilmore .

Enjoy the video, and be sure to follow Gumshen via their website, Facebook, and various social media platforms!