Scientists Make Alcohol From Used Coffee Grounds

Forget about turning water into wine

Now If I were a scientist and not a pirate I would be doing things like this. A team of researchers led by University of Minho bioengineer Solange I. Mussatto found a way to bridge the gap between two of the most popular beverages-Coffee and Alcohol. Guess I won’t need to buy all those Irish coffees anymore!

Science’s Nisha Giridhan describes the process

“The scientists first collected this raw material from a Portuguese coffee roasting company and dried it. Then they heated the powder in water at 163°C for 45 minutes, separated out the liquid, and added sugar. Next, the team mixed in yeast cells, let the concoction ferment, and concentrated the sample to get a higher alcohol content. (A similar process is used to produce other distilled beverages such as whiskey and rum from wheat and molasses.) And voilà! Used coffee grounds produced a new alcoholic beverage with 40% ethanol.”

Apparently the concoction has the smell and taste of coffee and, as detailed above, has a 40% ethanol content, which is pretty damn strong for a coffee-based spirit. While the drink will certainly spice up your morning it should be noted that the majority of the caffeine is lost during the brewing process, which is probably a good thing…otherwise that’d be like having a Four Loko in the morning. Oh, and please don’t drink this before you go to work!

Story Source: io9
Featured Image Source: Chowtastic

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