Savage Cunning: iPhones Autocorrect ‘Lardass’ To Kardashian

Someone at Apple is either about to get fired or promoted. Why? Because a lot of iPhone users who downloaded the iOS 9.2 update are experiencing an odd bug. If you have an iPhone and the new iOS we want you to give this a try and tell us what happens, because people typing ‘lardass’ have seen their device autocorrect it to ‘Kardashian.’ Don’t believe us? We turn to Twitter for proof.

I seriously wonder who was the first one to discover this, but it’s absolutely amazing. Gotta admit, I tried it… and it fucking worked…


Ignore the fact that I have someone in my phone book named Moneypenny. Ahem, there are plenty of iPhone users whom it didn’t work for, but lets just celebrate the fact that this hilarious bug exists and works for the majority of us.

If this is happening to you we wanna know! Give us a shout on Twitter @TheViralPirate with a screenshot!

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