Santa Claus Reveals Which Politician Is On His Naughty List

We have all seen how people are reacting to the results of the 2016 presidential election. Regardless of how you feel, we can at least all agree that some of it (alright, a lot of it) is getting weird. That said, it shouldn’t come as a complete surprise that the Big Guy up North is putting his two cents in.

Who'd you think I was talking about?

Who’d you think I was talking about?

A Florida woman released a complaint after a mall Santa reportedly told her daughter “Do you know who is on my naughty list? Hillary Clinton,” before laughing in what we hope was Dr. Evil type laugh. The identity of the Santa has not been disclosed to the public, meaning there is a chance, however slim, that this is not the real Santa Claus we’re dealing with… or Billy Bob Thornton for that matter.

Now, who do we know who is a proud Republican and also Santa Claus?

Now, think people, who do we know who is a known critic of Hillary Clinton that also happens to be Santa Claus? Who? Who?!

Naturally, the woman (and reportedly her daughter, who was unable to vote because she’s a 10-year-old child) were Clinton supporters and they didn’t find Santa’s joke to be so funny. So the woman contacted the Noerr Programs, a Colorado-based organization that places mall Santas, and made it so the man won’t be having such a merry Christmas.

Although the bit was just intended to be a joke and was not truly meant to have been taken as political advice, the company stood by its decision in the following statement released on Facebook:.

Santa is a universal symbol of peace, joy and goodwill for all. The Santa mentioned in recent reports in Florida is still employed by us, in a different location…Santa was given additional training to ensure that he remains in the character of Santa during all future appearances. Our unwavering mission is to create magic, inspire smiles and capture memories, for the young and young at heart.

Personally, I think the real crime here is that malls are arranging visits with Santa this early in November, as I am writing this days before Thanksgiving. And don’t give me any of that “he needs time to get to every mall in America (and beyond)” malarkey ’cause the man can visit every house in the world in one night.

Of course, I'm one to talk, publishing a Christmas story just days before Thanksgiving, either...but it's not like Tom Turkey has a colorful social life.

Of course, I’m one to talk, publishing a Christmas story just days before Thanksgiving…but it’s not like Tom Turkey has a colorful social life.

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