The Sandlerverse: Every Adam Sandler Movie Is Related

In what has to be the most amazing discovery of 2016… you know what, let’s call it the greatest discovery of the 21st century.

Right, so… In what has to be the most amazing discovery of the 21st century, YouTube user Shawn Kohne — who seems to have gone mad while working this out — found that all of Adam Sandler’s movies are related in some way. In his video titled “The Sandlerverse,” Shawn breaks down all of the minute little details that none of us would ever notice unless we spent hundreds of hours analyzing Adam Sandler’s movies.

Incidentally, we also learn that Adam Sandler has been using the same jokes in all of his films since 1993. Alright, so that part isn’t really a revelation or anything. Regardless, this has to be the most thorough analysis of Sandler films that a single person has ever conducted. The best part about this is that Shawn has a reference for every single one of his points. I can’t imagine how long he spent watching the movies, compiling his references and crying himself to sleep for watching every single Adam Sandler movie. Seriously, just look at the poor guy. He looks like he hasn’t slept in a week.

Thanks, Shawn, for risking your life just to bring our attention to this wild Sandlerverse.



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