Samsung Unveils 360 Degree VR Camera

Virtual reality headsets require VR cameras, so Samsung figured they’d take a crack at it with the Gear 360.

Their first-ever VR consumer camera can take 360 degree photos and video, because as a society we’re fed up with standard photo and video. The small, white orb fits in the palm of your hand and weighs around half a pound. This leads us to believe that we could easily mistake it for a dragon ball or Poké Ball if Samsung were clever enough to offer multiple design options.

Two lenses capture 195 degrees of HD action apiece and store what they see to a micro SD card. The micro SD can store up to 128 GB and the Gear 360 can transfer its files over Wi-Fi to a Samsung Galaxy phone. From there, consumers can piece together their masterpiece and share it online via digital platforms that support 360-degree videos including YouTube and Facebook.

Using the thing is easy enough. You’ve got your on/off switch, picture/video mode and record button. You can also see a preview of the images before you begin shooting, because it’s a damn digital camera and it would be criminal not to include that standard feature. The company expects to start selling their product in the second quarter and hopes that the Gear 360 will boost their flagship smartphone sales. No pricing information has been released as of yet.


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