Samsung Are Making Roads Safer In A Very Cool Way

If you’ve driven on the highway then you’ve been in this situation: you’re stuck behind a truck in a tight spot and are a bit uncomfortable because the visibility is poor and so are the weather conditions. Well, Samsung are about to change all that.

They’re outfitting their new Safety Trucks with a camera in the front that sends a live feed to a massive weatherproof monitor on the back of the truck. This way, you can see what’s ahead of the truck and start calculating when you can safely pass it. But, more importantly, you’ll be able to see upcoming obstacles and accidents that could cause the truck to brake unexpectedly. Testing has begun in Argentina and within the next four months they hope to roll out the technology in the rest of the world.


Hah, Transformers pun.

safety-truck_00 safety-truck_01 safety-truck_02 safety-truck_03 safety-truck_04 safety-truck_05 safety-truck_06

There’s one concern that I have with this project: a big ass monitor on the back of a truck is distracting. People get distracted by just about anything, and if something goes wrong with that feed and people are too focused on the monitor then it’s just as dangerous as putting a damn cartoon on the thing. I guess those things could be hacked too, so there’s that.

“We are trying to make a better world with innovation in technology,” said Lee Sang-jik, head of Samsung Argentina in a statement. “We hope traffic collision declines as more and more trucks use Samsung’s signage technology.”


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