Marco Rubio Debates Himself And We’re Not Sure Who Wins

GOP presidential hopeful Marco Rubio made headlines when being called out by the bully on the playground, Chris Christie, for repeating his “canned” Obama remarks and sounding like a robot.

Gotta hand it to you there, bridge boy, you nailed Dumbo on that one. We all know that Rubio has a hard on for knocking Obama like no one else, but his “Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing” line hasn’t been working out like he planned. Seriously, he got reamed on national television foe repeating himself. If that’s not an indication that your plan isn’t working then I’m not quite sure what is.

That said, our mate Hugh Atkin has, once again, worked his magic to bring to you a beautifully crafted masterpiece of Marco Rubio debating Marco Rubio over the issue of president Obama not knowing what he’s doing. At the end of it all we’re left wondering if Marco Rubio knows what he’s doing. Hint: he doesn’t. But he does know how to conquer thirst.


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