Rome Bans Fireworks For The Holiday Season

It’s not even Christmas or Hanukkah yet and there is already controversy concerning upcoming New Year’s celebrations. That’s because the mayor of Rome has banned fireworks for the festivities, and when Italians don’t want to make a big show of things, you know things just got serious.

You don’t get any more Italian than blowing things up on the holidays.

Roman mayor Virginia Raggi signed an ordinance damning those who light fireworks from Dec. 29 through Jan. 1 within 200 meters of residential areas, persons or animals — despite fireworks and bonfires being a popular New Year’s tradition for Italians. And just in case you were curious, the ban also covers the Italian holiday of La Festa di San Silvestro. Those who violate this ordinance could risk a 500 euro fine, which given the exchange rate, is slightly over $50 in American currency… or one and a half Donald Trump signature ties (scotch tape not included).

Ha, jokes.

Although Italian New Years w/o fireworks is like St. Sigmund’s Day without the headless boy.

It is believed at this time that feared terrorist attacks are partially to blame for the ban, with Rome already being plagued by mass transit strikes and financial crises.

That said, those crafty Italians still have other traditions to light the way this upcoming holiday season, whether it be playing Bingo or drinking half their weight in ‘vino’ or throwing their belongings out the window. That last part is meant to symbolize letting go of the past, right down to the previous year, but, let’s be honest, throwing things out of a window is still more fun than Bingo.

I kid…I kid…Italians are fond of drinking half their weight in wine to celebrate Tuesday.

And, please, from those of us at Viral Pirate, make sure to have a responsible holiday towards the end of the year, especially if you are an Italian, and if you are Italian, do not forget to wear red underwear.

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