Roll Out! What We Know About Apple’s New Tech

It’s that time of the year again, yes, the time when we all lose our minds for new Apple products. Tomorrow, September 9, is that day and we’ll be getting new information about the latest iPhone, Apple TV and iPad Pro.

Let’s kick things off with what we know about the new phones


Don’t be fooled by the filter, that’s the only one they had left. Ahem. the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are likely going to look exactly the same as the monstrous thing you have now  I still have a 4s). The differences in this case will be internal, meaning faster processors, better displays and something called Force Touch capabilities. No, you won’t become a Jedi with their new phone.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo explains

“We believe that iPhone’s Force Touch sensor doesn’t directly detect the pressure applied by fingers,” Kuo said. “Instead, it monitors the contact area on which the finger touches the screen to decide how big the pressure is.”

Got that? The new phone will also have a diesel camera and iOS9 will, undoubtedly, feature some new things. Oh, also new colors.

Onto the Apple TV


I don’t have an Apple TV, but the people I know who do have it tell me some pretty good things. This new update will give the little black box an updated processor, more storage, Siri capabilities, an SDK (software development kit) for Apple TV apps and a new remote. Apple is also working on a line of home products, so it’s very possible that they’re working on making the Apple TV the command center of your Apple home and maybe even a video game console… at some point. Sounds a lot like Skynet, but anyway.

What about the iPad Pro?


What the fuck is that you ask? No, it’s not a serving tray… that’s a giant fucking iPad. The base model is to have 64 GB of storage with a 128 GB model available. Colors will include gold, silver, space grey and some new rose pink. The 12.9 inch display will feature full-sized apps that can run side-by-side and you can even use a stylus. Oh, and it’ll run you over a grand so when you have to decide between Macbook and iPad Pro just think about that.

We’ll know much more tomorrow when the whole shebang kicks off, but that’s the scoop for now so stay tuned, kids!


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