Robot Chicken’s “Batman V Superman” Is The Short We Deserved

If you saw Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice then you probably spent some time curled up with the toilet puking your brains out like we did.

It was bad… real bad.

Batfleck was great, Luthor was one of the worst villainous performances of all time and Superman was way too big to be Superman if that even makes sense. Throw in the whole Kryptonite spear thing, which Batman would never make, and you’ve got yourself a grade A flop that ran an hour too long. You might recall from the trailer (if you didn’t see the movie) that Batman asks Superman “do you bleed?” Well, that’s what this sketch is about… or rather, it’s about how little fucks Batman actually gives about this trivial piece of information.

So, while Affleck and Cavil scream “Martha!” at each other, you should enjoy the clip above and then watch the one below of The Arkham Redemption… and then the one below that of actual Batman v Superman contests imagined by the folks at Robot Chicken.

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