Competitive Dad Robbie Keane Scores A Beauty On His Son

Dads around the world are biding their time, waiting their kids to usurp them so it’s only natural to throw in a bit of competitive fun to remind the kids who’s boss until that day comes.

Former LA Galaxy, Tottenham, Liverpool, Leeds, Celtic and Ireland star Robbie Keane is no different.

In a back yard kick-about with his son, Robbie Jr., the free agent 36-year-old put his son in net and showed the wee lad why pops was banging in goals left and right.

“What do you say about that, little Keano?”

Doesn’t get much better that that. Nothing the kid could do there, he was left stranded by his lack of height and the perfect placement of the shot. Better luck next time, kiddo. Maybe pops will let you get to the next one… or he’ll just keep blasting shots past you. Hey, if Robbie keeps firing professional shots at his lad then maybe he’ll grow up into a brick wall, or become a pro player like his old man. Then again, it could also crush his spirit and make him hate the game.

My bet’s on the former, he’s a Keane, after all. It’s always to see family fun like this from the players, it really humanizes them since we tend to forget that they’re more than just football machines, save for Messi since he’s an alien.

[Featured Image: Eurosport]

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