Apparently, Revenge Is Best Served Stinky

Some people just don’t know how to take “no” for an answer. While most can deal with rejection, it’s no secret that everyone has different ways of doing so.

That rang especially true for one man in Sweden.

Let’s set the scene. A Swedish man and woman go out on a date, which must’ve gone well enough that the woman invited the man over to her apartment. Sex was discussed, but the woman wasn’t so keen on the idea, so she declined. This generally results in one of a few scenarios that both parties are prepared for. This man, however, decided to make a big stink about it — literally.

Police in Laholm, south-western Sweden, were informed by the woman that her suitor ripped ass before leaving her apartment and it smelled so bad that she decided to call the police. Yeah, this dude stank up a woman’s apartment for “revenge” and then got reported to the police.

You’d think that something like this would happen in New Jersey. Anyway, we’re pretty sure that the man isn’t facing any charges… since you can’t exactly incriminate someone for farting.

giphy (2)

Ugh… smells like shit in here… or is that just me?

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