Real-Life “Where’s Waldo” Taunts Police In United Kingdom

The British “Where’s Wally?” series of books, renamed “Where’s Waldo?” in the States, has fascinated children for years, because there’s nothing more fun than trying to find a bespectacled man in red and white striped clothing. One British man, however, decided to become the iconic character to help escape police, and it was more successful than you’d think.

If only he could get some blue pants to finish off the look.

The man in question, known as J.J. McMenamin, was been able to escape police armed with dogs and helicopters after missing a court date for traffic violations. He even managed to taunt police on social media accounts dressed as the famous Wally character while reading that dreadful paper known as The Sun. In one post, he had said, “Buddy if they really new how close they are too me, not a scooby do where I am. Even got sniffer dogs out and I’m still sat giggling.”

To think, making a scene on social media is normally the last thing you should do when hiding from police.

This all sounds like a dark and gritty reboot just waiting to happen.

Eventually, McMenamin turned himself into police, and even posted his arrest on a Facebook Live video that has since been taken down. Reportedly, police did not want to comment on the situation beyond saying that “a 30-year-old man from Middleham has been arrested after he handed himself in to officers at Harrogate police station…after extensive police searches for the man over the weekend.”

Given that McMenamin had to turn himself in, meaning police really were unable to catch him, one has to wonder if he is just plotting his next escape.

Many on social media have shown support for McMenamin, due to the fact the police chasing a man with dogs and helicopters for traffic violations… seems a bit excessive to say the least.


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