A Real-Life Self-Drying ‘Back To The Future’ Jacket Is Here

The entire Back To The Future franchise now takes place entirely in the past, but that doesn’t mean it’s anywhere near being forgotten.

Nike gave the world real-life automatic lacing kicks to match the ones Marty wore in Back To The Future 2, and now a startup called Faylon wants to help you complete your future costume. They’re started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the self-drying jacket that Marty made famous.

Built-in air amplifiers powered by a rechargeable battery redirect the air inside the jacket to dry it. As of now, the jacket will take up to two minutes to dry spill or wetness from light rainfall, so it’s nowhere near as effective as the jacket worn in the movie… but it’s a start!

The jacket also has little vents that expect air near your face in addition to plenty of hidden pockets for phones, tablets and whatnot. Unfortunately, this jacket won’t be a one-size fits all kinda thing like the one Marty wore. The campaign has already reached its goal with a week to spare, so Faylon should have these available by April of 2016. Just in time for next year’s Halloween!


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