Former Reporter Mocks Pepsi In Portland City Council Meeting

If you’ve been paying attention to your pop-culture news, you’d know that Pepsi has come under fire for an ad that appeared to exploit real-life protests, specifically invoking both the modern Black Lives Matter movement and the historical Civil Rights Movement. And , naturally, Kendall Jenner was involved.

Things got even worse for Pepsi when one of Martin Luther King Jr’s  daughters, Bernice King, actually called out the campaign for its ignorance.

If things couldn’t get more bizarre — I’m just gonna say bizarre and leave it at that — a protester at the Portland City Council decided to mock the ad campaign by giving a can of Pepsi to Mayor Ted Wheeler as part of his act.

See for yourself.

The protester identified himself as Carlos Enrique, a former journalist for the Boston Herald, and claimed that he recently moved to Portland. Enrique then said he was surprised by the number of protests at Portland city council meetings, and subsequently he got up to hand Wheeler the infamous can after being told his speech needed to be germane, or relevant, to the conversation at hand.

“Not a good move!” said Wheeler after the action, pointing out that concealing something under your jacket during a council meeting is normally a surefire way to get yourself into shenanigans with police, and telling him not to do it again. Whoops.

As this literally happened the day Pepsi announced they’d pull the ad from circulation [seriously], the only YouTube videos I could find  are news pieces talking over the ad. It is a little unclear if this was an intentional reference. It could be an extremely uncanny coincidence, but it is probably safe to say it was a shout-out to the controversy. Fair play, Carlos.

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