Quidditch Beer Pong Is Now A Thing

Harry potter fans rejoice, you now have a rad drinking game to play that you can bring your wands to. This is Quidditch Beer Pong.


Unfortunately, the set doesn’t come with flying broomsticks or a flying snitch, but it does come with three hoops, two wands and a mortal snitch. You can head over to unofficialquidditchpong.com to pick up your set or just make one yourself from random stuff you have laying around the house. The rules, which are on the aforementioned site, are pretty much the same – but with a little twist.

If someone makes a shot that goes through the rings it can be defended with a beater bat – so it’s basically a bounce. If it goes in you get two cups instead of one. There’s a snitch up off to the side that can end the game in one fell swoop. There are a bunch of other rules and even spells on the site that you could use if you’re into that. The set will run you around 40 bones, but at least you can feel like a top notch wizard.

Cheering Emma Watson not included

Cheering Emma Watson not included


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