Pugs Act Out Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”

Beauty and the Beast, the beloved French fairy tale where a woman develops Stockholm Syndrome and agrees to commit bestiality, has been a feature in cinema over the years, whether you prefer the 1946 Jean Cocteau film or the later 1991 Disney cartoon. With the latter film being adapted into a live-action film starring Emma Watson, the story has reentered popular culture all over again, and we’ve finally gotten the retelling we deserve, for it stars Doug the Pug.

We start with a forlorn Beast-Pug, gazing outside his window. A she-pug dressed as Belle descends a staircase with him and they dine together, amid living furniture. The final scene showcases both pugs dancing together as the curse has been broken. At least, this time around, once the spell is broken the Beast-Pug transforms into an adorable pug, instead of a deformed hairless pig-man-bear hybrid.

Here’s looking at you Adam…

Of course, this is a story about looking past appearances…and I’d gladly look past this….

The short film had been filmed at Belmont Mansion in Tennessee and Meghan Linsey covered the Disney film’s theme song for the short, which had been recorded by CAiN.

This is not Doug the Pug’s first foray into Disney remakes, as can be seen below. Yes, it once again had included pugs acting out the parts of both Beauty and her Beast.


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