Prepare Yourselves For The Legend Of Zelda Escape Room

The escape room fad may have died down a bit, but nerds everywhere (myself included) might be jumping at the chance to check out this escape room. However, it’s dangerous to go alone…

As you deduced from the title, Nintendo is putting together a Legend of Zelda escape room series to the United States, offering fans around the country the chance to take part in a fun little adventure. The gaming giant is partnering with escape room designer SCRAP to bring “Defenders of the Triforce” to eight U.S. cities, starting at the end of this month (January 31, 2017, for all you time travelers).

A press release expounds upon the premise, saying that participants will experience the escape room in teams of six while interacting “with classic items and characters seen in The Legend of Zelda series like the Goron, Zora and Kokiri tribes.” The statement goes on to say that “Discovered items can be used to solve puzzles and move forward into other areas, just like in The Legend of Zelda games.”

So far, the confirmed locations and dates are as follows:

San Francisco – Jan. 31 – Feb. 5

Los Angeles – Feb. 10 -Mar. 12

Phoenix – Feb. 15 – 17

San Diego – Feb. 23 – 25

Zelda fans can also get their escape on in Seattle, Houston, Chicago and New York. The dates for those events will be listed on the event website on January 24. They even have special merchandise, if you’re keen on it.


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