Pornhub To Start Giving Out Scholarships

Ah, college scholarships. I plundered the seven seas to pay for my degree in pilfering, but much smarter lads than I saved tons of money on their university tuition by getting scholarships. Turns out you can get one of ’em from just about anywhere these days, including porn websites. Yep, you read that correctly.

Pornhub, a favorite website for some of you I’d imagine, will be giving full-time students round the world the chance to pick up a cool $25,000 scholarship and, no, they don’t have to shoot a porn to do it. Wanna sign up for the Pornhub Cares Scholarship? All you have to do is submit a 1,000 word essay explaining how you make people happy in your everyday life… since, you know, that’s what Pornhub does every day. However, there is an optional video submission, so it’s quite likely that porn will be sent to Pornhub. Hehe.

Those hands are totally copping a feel

Those hands are totally copping a feel

Corey Price, Pornhub’s VP of Marketing, told Mic “The Pornhub Cares Scholarship is for that deserving student who has demonstrated a combination of academic achievement and community leadership, who is interested in making the world a better place,” See, porn isn’t just about awful plots and bad puns!

Price also said “We want to provide for future innovators and leaders and this is a step in that direction.” Is it a PR stunt? Probably, but it’s still a damn nice gesture. Oddly enough, Pornhub aren’t the first adult site to help fund higher education, as male escort site Rentboy and porn star Mercedes Carrera have both made forays into the “porn scholarship” realm, which is such a weird thing to say. But hey, man, if it floats your boat and you’re not hurting anyone then who the fuck cares? Do what you like and if you can help pay your bills with it then power to ya.


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