Pope: Women Could Have Greater Role In The Church

Pope Francis has proven to be a pretty great Pope. He’s tolerant, takes selfies, loves soccer and is realistic. His latest act as pontiff could give women a greater role in the church and change the Catholic church’s approach to divorcées.

He stated

“Women must have a greater presence in the decision-making areas of the church,b ut I would call this a ‘functional’ promotion. That won’t take us very far.”

Pope Francis also spoke on the matter of birth control.

“all depends on how Humanae Vitae is interpreted.”

“The issue isn’t about changing doctrine, but digging deep into the question and making sure that the pastoral approach considers specific situations and considers what is possible for people,”

In addition to that he has also responded to criticism regarding his response to the sex abuse scandals that have rocked the church. And while he addressed the matter of globalization he also played down his popularity.

On the scandal
“The cases of abuse are terrible because they leave very deep wounds,” he said, citing statistics showing that most child abuse is perpetrated in the family or by neighbors. But “the church has done a lot—perhaps more than anyone…. And yet the church is the only one that is attacked.”

On globalization
“It is true that globalization has saved many people from poverty, but it has also condemned many others to death,” he said. At the same time, he rebuffed critics who have banded him a Marxist for his criticism of pro-market economic principles. “I have never shared the Marxist ideology, because it isn’t true, but I have known many good people who believed in Marxism,”

On his image
“I don’t like this mythology of Pope Francis,” he said. “It seems offensive to me to depict the pope as some sort of superman or a kind of star. The pope is a man who laughs, cries, sleeps soundly at night and has friends just like anyone else. A normal person.”

This pope certainly is an interesting figure. Whether or not the masses agree with his sentiments is something else entirely, but I’m all for change and being progressive.


Story Source: WSJ
Featured Image Source: thinkprogress.org

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