Facepalm: Trump Supporters Hit Out At Pope Francis

This current administration has sure been a loud one, and we truly cannot go a single day without having to scratch our heads at something Trump and his band of cronies have cooked up. That said, supporters of our current “President” have found themselves willing to contend with a rather high-profile entity: the head of the Catholic Church.

As you’ll see in a few tweets, some Trump supporters take issue with Pope Francis’ slight jab at Trump’s immigration policy.

Historically, American Catholics have been associated with the Democratic party, partially due to the influence of John F. Kennedy, so opposition between Republicans and the Catholic Church isn’t that much of a stretch out of context. This had, at least, lasted until the Obama administration, since Barry won the Catholic vote twice. But this seemingly ended when Trump won the Catholic vote by 52% to 45%. That said, analysts are not entirely sure if the opponents are Catholics or belong to other denominations, so whether they would even listen to the Pontiff in the first place is up for debate.

At least one is a reverend, and that’s not exactly a priest… so there’s that. Anyway, another post from the Pope giving his view on support for immigrants, “Jesus entrusted to Peter the keys to open the entrance to the kingdom of heaven, and not to close it,” elicited some more head-scratching responses.

Now, Trump himself has not responded to this yet, which is strange because it involves Twitter and it is unlikely that Pope Francis reads the comments on his social media feed. The sad [sad!] thing is, once upon a time we lived in a world where Trump at least feigned his public respect for the Pope. But, of course, politics is a strange mistress.

A strange mistress, indeed…

Ultimately this just hammers home the fact that some Trump supporters are feeling louder and more boisterous than ever, and are even willing to challenge the Pope with regards to matters he knows better than, hm, I don’t know… pretty much everyone who ascribes to Catholicism.

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