Policeman Arrests Fireman in San Diego (VIDEO)

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In San Diego, cops don’t just arrest gangsters, street thugs, and muggers, but also firemen. The Daily Mail reports that the San Diego Police Department and Fire Department have been embroiled in a long and simmering clash with a string of events that finally led to a policeman arresting a fireman at the scene of an accident.

Caption: Jacob Gregoire, Chula Vista Fireman

Video from the accident shows the policeman arresting a Chula Vista firefighter, Jacob Gregoire, 36, after he refused to move his fire truck. The policeman placed Gregoire in handcuffs and placed him in the back of a police cruiser for 30 minutes, according to CBS 8, the news team on site.

Both Chula Vista Fire Chief, Dave Hanneman, and the president of the local firefighters union sounded out and agreed that the policeman acted poorly and that Gregoire was abiding by his rules and regulations in not moving the firetruck.

Caption: Gregoire Sounds Out

“I’m very proud of Jacob. He did a good job,” said John Hess, the union president.

The event has sparked a pour of outrage in local communities and write-ins from firefighters across the nation.

Ernest Chiardonna wrote into CBS8, “As a firefighter with 30 years experience responding to exactly this kind of incident, I can assure you that the truck was properly placed to provide maximum safety to the crews.”

After being dismissed from the cruiser, San Diego Police did not file charges against Gregoire. He simply continued the rest of his shift and moved on.

The Police Department has not released the name of the arresting officer and it is still unclear whether Gregoire will take legal action.

VIDEO (via CBS8):

Story Source: CBS 8 (via Daily Mail)

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