Pokemon Lingerie? Yep, It’s A Thing

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but Japanese brand Yummy Mart are releasing a Pokémon brand of lingerie on April 20, yes that day. And no, it probably has nothing to do with your favorite holiday.

The majority of the available items are Pikachu-related, but I have a feeling this will wind up being a massive success and the brand will decide to include pieces based on other Pokemon. As you can see, there’s a set of pajamas with Pikachu’s Pokédex number on the front and his name on the back. The Pokéball shorts are a nifty little bonus and I think they’re pretty cute, so there’s that.


Need some Pikachu panties? Got your back. What about a Pikachu sleep mask or a Pikachu bathrobe/hooded towel? Also gotcha covered. Finally, there’s a Pokéball laundry basket for those of you who don’t want Pokémon lingerie, but want to get in on the sale. That one will run you about 15 USD just in case you were wondering. That said, we should mention that these products are Japan-only for the time being, but expect a Western release at some point, just like they do with the games.


Unfortunately, the plus set advertised above is not for sale… we think. I’m sure you can make one of your own if you really wanted to, but would that even be comfortable or practical?

Wonder if they’ll make male versions of any of these products. I’m sure there are some dudes out there who would be keen on a Pikachu banana hammock or something.


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