Pistorius Blamed For Restaurant Shooting

Oscar Pistorius has been making headlines ever since 2007 when his carbon-fibre prosthetics attracted criticism because they were adjudged to give him an unfair advantage in competition. Then there was then controversy surrounding his bid for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which he didn’t end up qualifying for. In the 2012 London Games he became the first amputee runner to compete at an Olympic Games, but his headline-making career wouldn’t end there. Since last year he has been on trial for the murder of his girlfriend and recent developments have implicated him in something else.

Boxer Kevin Lerena told the court that Pistorius was responsible for firing a gun in a restaurant last year just a month before the murder occurred. Pistorius has denied intentionally killing his girlfriend and has also denied charges of illegally possessing ammunition.

Lerena testified that in January of 2013 he was in a restaurant with Pistorius and two other people including Darren Fresco, who owned the gun that went off. Fresco stated that the gun was loaded and handed it to Pistorius, who then shot the ground and grazed Lerena’s foot, but didn’t injure him. Pistorius then asked Fresco to take the blame, which he did.

An ex girlfriend of his has also claimed that he slept with a gun and in one instance fired a shot out of the sunroof of his car after being frustrated.

Maybe he was a bit trigger happy…

Story Source: BBC
Featured Image Source: telegraph.co.uk

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