PewDiePie Is Protesting YouTube’s Policies By Leaving YouTube

Beloved YouTube personality Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, has announced plans to leave YouTube in what is believed to be a protest of YouTube’s changed policies. He’s not the only one who’s unhappy with the changes, as plenty of other YouTube content creators have spoken out about the “ad inappropriate” content policy. In fact, all the backlash led YouTube to come out and say that they didn’t actually change their policies, they just updated them.

“While our policy of demonetising videos due to advertiser-friendly concerns hasn’t changed, we’ve recently improved the notification and appeal process to ensure better communication,” a representative told The IndependentBut the creators don’t care, and insist that this is merely censorship.

YouTube is trying to kill my channel,” he said in a video. “It’s clear if you watch my analytics. It’s all going down there.” According to reports, he vowed to wait until he hit the 50 million mark on his channel to call it a day.

Then, things got a little weird, to say the least. “They want someone else on top,” he said. “Someone really extremely cancerous, like Lilly Singh. I’m white. Can I make that comment? But I do think that’s a problem.” He later clarified that the “white” comment was meant to sarcastic, but is also leading to speculation that the whole thing is a hoax. Or that Kjellberg is slowly going insane. Both are plausible.

However, Kjellberg later said that YouTube will be looking into the situation, so he may change his mind with regards to his promise, which wouldn’t make it much of a promise…

Still, it is never too early to plan someone’s memorial service. And for a man who got to be on South Park, unironically I might add, he clearly did something right. Who knows what will be next for the world’s most famous Felix who isn’t a cat? Maybe Vine is hiring?


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